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You'll want to listen

Lover of sarcasm, witty banter, meaningful conversation and golden retrievers. Enough about me - what can I do for you?

Do you want a voice that will compel your audience to research your tech company, try your gluten-free crackers, ace your online sales training, or run out to buy a lottery ticket? How about a voice that will make teens put down the TikTok videos and actually pay attention to their Defensive Driving course? 


You want a voice that makes even the most monotonous tasks seem intriguing. A voice that can excite, entice and engage. That's where I come in. 

You'll hear my voice in commercials, narration, promos, animation and eLearning for some pretty rad clients including Google, Facebook, Wells Fargo, Hilton, Bank of America, DISH Network, TIAA Financial, Marvel Avengers Academy, and Sweetrush - just to name a few.

Let's get this party started!
🗣Source-Connect: tessanierizvi
📷Instagram: tessanie_
👍🏻Facebook: tessanieVO
🐥Twitter: @tessanie_
📞Skype: tessanie.rizvi

Modeling and on-camera resume and portfolio available upon request.

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